Feministeerium is an independent feminist organisation whose main areas of activity are communication, advocacy and empowerment of the feminist community. 

Feministeerium serves its country and its people. Our ambition is to be a moral beacon as well as a gracious feminist space.

We work to make Estonia a post-patriarchal society and to give the feminist community a room of its own. We love facts, nuance, passion, experiments, strong arguments and the rainbow (in Estonia, also known as pink slime). We work hard and play hard. 

We have great guest authors, translators and illustrators (about 80 per year), and we always look forward to new contributions. We are particularly interested in all things related to current events, but welcome all texts and visual work that opens up a feminist perspective, be it on politics, culture, or all things feminine. We strive to offer a plurality of well-argued opinions, not just a single narrow view (the one and true feminism). You can write in Estonian, Russian, or English. Our editorial board reserves the right to choose which contributions will be published.

If you have any questions, suggestions, tips or other ideas for contributions, let us know. The e-mail addresses of all Feministeerium employees are in the form firstname@feministeerium.ee

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