Feministeerium receives funding from successfully completed project competitions. To a lesser extent, our activities are also supported by private donors and companies. A large part of Feministeerium work is done as voluntary work.

Of the 2019 budget, the Gambling Tax Council accounted for 59%, other project grants (crowdfunding platform Hooandja, Nordic Council of Ministers) for 27% and donations for 14%. Collectively, Feministeerium carried out 911 hours of non-for-profit voluntary work, or 3.6 work hours per workday on average.*

Ongoing projects

Project “ENUT and partners promote gender equality” grant, supported by the strategic partnership contest operated by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The goal of the project is to support and promote gender equality through outreach activities and inclusive events directed at various target groups. The task of Feministeerium is to coordinate outreach, organise e-writing courses, creative work competition and communal events. These activities are directed at youth, women (including russian-speaking women), men, employers, people working in education, policymakers and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

The project is led by ENUT (Eesti Naisuurimus- ja Teabekeskus (The Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre)) with Feministeerium, Estonian Association of Business and Professional Women and Estonian Human Resource management association PARE as partners. Project’s duration is 01.01.2020–31.12.2021. Feministeerium’s share of the project is yearly 53 975 € (107 950 € altogether)

Project “Supportive Community and Advocacy: Voice of One’s Own” grant, supported by the Active Citizens Fund of EEA Grants being operated by the Open Estonia Foundation in consortium with the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations.

The project aims to enhance how Feministeerium protects the interests of the target groups, to organize the theme-events, publish articles and to carry out outreach work. The activities are directed at vulnerable groups, foremost women and people identifying as sexual and gender minorities.

The project partners are NGO Women’s Wave, the Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement and Salam Norge (Norway). The project duration is 01.12.2019–30.07.2021 with support of 59 934 €.

Project “Enhancing the investigative journalism skills of Feministeerium” grant, supported by the Active Citizens Fund of EEA Grants being operated by the Open Estonia Foundation in consortium with the Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations. The duration of the project is 01.08.2020–30.07.2021 with the support of 16 500 €.

The project aims to enhance the capacity of Feministeerium’s role as guardian through investigative journalism skills. As a result of the project, Feministeerium editors can conduct in-depth analyses in the field of gender equality and equal treatment using investigative journalism skills. The project involves training Feministeerium editors in investigative journalism and mentoring them in conducting their independent journalistic research.

Project „Keep going! A happier and healthier activist“ grant, supported by the European Solidarity Corps local solidarity projects being operated by the Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency. The duration of the project is 01.08.2020–30.10.2021 with support of 6000 €.

The project aims to improve awareness of the activists on the topics of mental health and on their capacity to keep mentally healthy. Furthermore, the project aims to create a support network among social activists. The long-term goal of this project is to support the sustainable development of social movements in Estonia. The project offers theme-workshops and other events in Estonia for human rights, social justice and environmental protection activists and their loved-ones.



Feministeerium has previously received funding from Norway Grants 2009–2014 programme “Promoting Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance“ (2015), Council of the Gambling Tax application rounds (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), European Union grants operated by Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and from Nordic Council of Ministers (2017, 2018,2019).