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Please contact us if you have further questions by writing to omatuba@gmail.com.

Frequently asked questions 

What will happen to the money I donate to the NGO Oma Tuba?

All donations will go to the NGO Oma Tuba and will be used for maintaining the Feministeerium website. First and foremost, we use donations to cover costs which are not covered by project funding, but which we deem important to improve our work. We hold ourselves accountable when using the donations.

Is donating secure?

You can donate through the secure and convenient payment system of Maksekeskus or directly through your bank to the bank account of NGO Oma Tuba (EE941010220237419221).

How do you report on the use of funds?

It is included in the NGO’s annual report.

Which payment methods can I use?

Single donations can be made through Maksekeskus via a bank link (Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, LHV, Nordea). You can easily create a standing donation to our bank account at SEB.

Name: MTÜ Oma Tuba
IBAN: EE941010220237419221
Explanation: donation to Feministeerium
Pank: SEB Pank
Address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Eesti

All transactions are in Euros. If you encounter any problems with any payment method, please contact us.

Do I get a tax refund from the donation?

Donations made to us are not currently exempt from tax, but starting from July 2019 we will be on the list of non-profit associations and foundations benefiting from income tax incentives.

How much of the donations do you use for administrative costs?

In case of a single donation, 30 cents from the donated amount will go towards bank transaction fees and 2,5% of the donated amount will go to Maksekeskus. The rest will go directly towards supporting Feministeerium.

Please ask your bank about fees applied for standing donations or when donating directly to the NGO Oma Tuba bank account.

The bank account of NGO Oma Tuba is EE941010220237419221.

Do you publish the names of donators?

No, we do not publish the names of donators. We only publish the names of donators if we have clear consent to do so. If it is necessary to disclose large donations (more than 1000€ a year) for transparency purposes, we will first discuss it with the donator and ask for consent.