Call for art works on sexual consent

How to depict bodily autonomy? How to express interest and desire or reluctance to sexual attention or activity? What kind of sexual revolution is needed in today’s society? What are the risks of sending instant messages with sexual content to others, and how can these risks be reduced?

EKA Gallery and Feministeerium invite artists, illustrators, photographers to participate in a gallery exhibition of works that explore sexual agency and consent from February to April 2023. The 26-metre-long outdoor gallery is located on the wall of the EKA building on Kotzebue Street. You can apply with a digital image printed on a 100 × 120 cm outdoor canvas. Works in other techniques are also welcome, which can be mounted on the wooden panel of the outdoor gallery. Click here to see pictures from previous exhibitions in the EAA outdoor gallery.

The application period is from 1 December 2022 to 5 February 2023. Send a draft of your work in pdf format to

Keywords to search for additional material: personal boundaries, bodily autonomy, sexual consent, definition of rape, gender stereotypes.

Ask for more:

Pire Sova, Manager of the EKA Gallery.

Rebeka Põldsam, Editor in Feministeerium