Celebrate Women’s Day with us!

We invite you on March 7th at the celebration of the weekend of International Women’s Day. You are welcomed to join the reading group for a lively discussion, listen to the lecture about vegan feminism and relieve your stress with yoga at Feministeerium community space. We will finish the day with blues from Kaisa Ling Thing and DJs. Read more and see the schedule below. See you there!


Tallinn Feminist Reading Group Women’s Day session 

12–13.30. Feministeerium community space. In English

A special session of an introductory, introvert-friendly reading group. This time we’re reading pages from one of the most talked-about feminist books from last year! “Feminist for the 99%: A Manifesto”. he book says that issues such as unaffordable housing, poverty wages, inadequate healthcare, border policing, climate change—are not what you ordinarily hear feminists talking about. But aren’t they the biggest issues for the vast majority of women around the globe? It is a call for feminists to focus on those at the bottom and fight for the world they deserve. And that means targeting capitalism. Feminism must be anticapitalist, eco-socialist and antiracist. The pages are big and fonts tiny, which means the reading is shorter than it appears. Get the text from here.

To participate, you don’t need to have any introduction to feminist theory whatsoever. You also don’t need to have attended previously to join. The only thing we expect is for you to have an open mind, and not express disagreement via hostility or disrespect. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to Tarun Gidwani on Facebook.

Lecture “Why vegan feminism?” by Dagmar Kase

14–15.30. Feministeerium community space. In English

While focusing on promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle, we should keep in mind ethics. Ethics towards Mama Nature is our primary concern, but what about the ethical treatment of other human beings, regardless of their cultural background, age, gender? And what about the ethical treatment of other earthlings? Thanks to Earth First Club we shall have a look at two examples of ethical lifestyle — veganism and feminism —, practiced by one person. Dagmar, a long-term vegan and feminist will introduce the connection between two ideologies through her own story of becoming a vegan feminist.

Dagmar’s background includes, among other things, cultural research studies in Tallinn University, being a guest researcher in Christina Institute for Women’s Studies at the University of Helsinki, and co-organisation of LadyFest Tallinn (2011— 2014), a festival celebrating creative achievements of women and queer culture. Check Dagmar’s blog out: DtheVeganFeminist

Stress-relieving yoga workshop by Inga 

16–17.30. Feministeerium community space. In Estonian

During stressful times, yoga helps to relieve stress and to experience oneself and one’s life more openly and truthfully. In the workshop, you’ll learn some simple relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, and you can merge yourself into a yoga relaxation practise yoga nidra. Put on warm and comfortable clothes, and if possible, take a yoga mat or a blanket with you. The workshop is suitable for beginners. A maximum of 15 people can participate in the session and participation is donation-based. Inga is an experienced yoga instructor and yoga therapist for whom yoga is not simply an evening group session, but a life and a lifestyle.

Women’s Day Blues with Kaisa Ling Thing

18–18.30. Cafe TOPS (Soo 12) In Estonian

Did you know that the world’s first Women’s Day was celebrated at the end of February 1909 in the United States and it was led by suffragettes, the first women’s liberation activists? These brave women soon claimed Ida Cox’s 1924 blues standard “Wild Women Don’t Worry” as their unofficial anthem.

Kaisa Ling is the very best (albeit currently the only) Estonian vaudeville blues broad peddling scandalous lyrics and feminismus, drag kingery and burlesque, body positivity, current politics, tricks, tales, and tomfoolery. By introducing the most inspirational blues ladies from the US at the beginning of the 20th century she aims to remind on this 2020 Women’s Day that breaking gender norms and sexual identities that do not conform to the mainstream expectations are not new inventions by any measure.


19–23. Cafe TOPS (Soo 12)

On the eve of Women’s Day, relax with your new and old friends. Music by marmar and Ikoona. marmar plays good and bad music that is suitable for hanging around as well as for dancing. Ikoona glides and soars through genres, playing music, which provides movement for both the body and the mind. A little bit of nostalgia coupled with a little bit more rhythm.

🩸 At the event, you can donate to the cause Solidaarne naistepäev 2020 (Solidary Women’s Day, #SolidaarneNaistepäev), an initiative that is collecting money to buy personal hygiene products for women and girls living in Estonia.