Call for contributions: Tallinn Feminist Forum 2019 program

On 2 November, 2019, we are organizing a community event – Tallinn Feminist Forum (TAFF) – where people from both Estonia and neighbouring countries, who care about the rights of women and minorities, can meet. During the day the participants can meet fellow feminists, exchange experiences and contacts, take part in discussions, lectures and workshops. The evening ends with a party. Participation is free of charge and the spaces are accessible. The forum takes place at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Would you, your organization or informal group like to contribute to the program?

Your contribution can be a lecture, a presentation, a workshop or something else entirely, as long as it focuses on women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, equal treatment or human rights in general. Deadline for proposals is August 8th. The organisers will then go through the proposals and, based on content and perspective, choose 5-7 ideas that fit the theme which will then be added to the program. The organisers intend to cover fees and material expenses, but this depends on still-pending funding results.

The theme for TAFF 2019 is MOVEMENT. Society does not become more just on its own. Discriminative and repressive practices do not disappear on their own. Rights are rarely “given”, rather they are demanded – whether it be the right of women to vote or to go to university, the fight against racist discrimination, or the fight for the rights of the LGBT + community. Behind every relevant social justice change, there have been people who have pursued and mobilised for it to happen.

What kind of a world do you want to see? How and with whom to build such a world? How to grow something big from a tiny idea? How to increase the courage to participate in social movements? How to create a sustainable social movement? What can we learn from the successes and failures of other social movements? How can you keep yourself and your loved ones healthy on our way to a better world? How does online activism relate to social movements carried out offline, in the streets?

We are looking for program ideas that arise from these questions. The guiding principle is the feminist perspective, that is, the notion that people’s rights and opportunities should not depend on their gender, as well as an intersectional approach which acknowledges that the effects of different forms of discrimination overlap.

Leave your proposal here!