Creative contest for feminist merch

We are looking for memes and designed slogans that can be printed either as stickers or printed on clothing, by October 17, 2023.

The theme of Feministeerium’s creative competition is gender inequality in all its forms: from structural economic inequality to inadequate laws protecting against violence, gender self-confidence and euphoria, the educational gap and population growth fanaticism. Gender equality has often been viewed separately from other inequalities, but today’s feminists must confront gender injustice as well as socio-economic inequality between regions. Both informative and humorous pictures and sentences are welcome.

Guiding questions for inspiration:

The prize fund of the competition is 2,500 euros, which will be divided between up to five authors of the best designs. The best ones will be chosen by the editors of the Feministeerium. The exact designs of hoodies, T-shirts, hats or cloth bags as well as posters and stickers will be decided in cooperation with the authors.

Take into account the following conditions when making a competition entry:

Send your questions and competition entries to