Sisters of Europe: A series of interviews with inspirational women

In 2019, Feministeerium is cooperating with Sisters of Europe to bring you a series of interviews with 17 committed women in 17 different countries. Sisters of Europe is an empowerment project to inspire and connect women across Europe, through inspiring stories, a series of events and a list of proposals to the European Parliament.

Created by Prune Antoine & Elina Makri, Sisters of Europe sheds light on new voices, new faces and new visions to document where women stand in today’s Europe. The portraits were written and photographed by a new generation of talented European journalists working across borders, from Paris all the way to Pristina. The reports come from countries like Sweden, Estonia, Germany and Romania, but also Kosovo, Ukraine and Turkey, because Europe is not only shaped by its member states, but also by its neighbours.

The 17 sheroes are famous and unknown, young and old, activists and astronauts, miners and politicians, but they all share a common goal: to change things.

To celebrate the first climate strikes to be held in Tallinn and Tartu tomorrow, we have chosen to open the series with an interview with the Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg (read it here).