Tallinn Feminist Forum is looking for volunteers

This year on 2 November we will host a community event – the Tallinn Feminist Forum (TAFF) – and we are looking for volunteers to help us. To make the forum happen, we need whisper translators, home accommodation providers, pop-up cafe manager, transport providers and marketing assistants. The activities will mainly take place on 1-3 November. 

Tallinn Feminist Forum will be a place to gather for people from both Estonia and neighbouring countries, who care about the rights of women and minorities, can meet. During the day the participants can meet fellow feminists, exchange experiences and contacts, take part in discussions, lectures and workshops. Participation is free of charge and as accessible as possible. The forum will take place in spaces at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Telliskivi Creative City, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). 

Whisper translator

We are looking for multilingual people who are willing to provide Estonian-Russian, English-Russian, English-Estonian, and Estonian-English translations on the spot on 2 November. What matters is not expertise in simultaneous translation, but the will and patience to offer translations when necessary. The people requiring translation will sit around the translator and understand the ongoing conversations via whisper translations. If you have never done anything like this before but would like to try, we will help you with preparations. 

Home accommodation

For people visiting the forum from outside of Tallinn and Estonia, we would like to offer the chance to meet the locals. We are looking for home accommodation providers who have an extra bed, mattress or couch on the weekend of the forum (1-3 Nov), where a guest could sleep, and who would help the guest to reach the forum or the afterparty. Who knows, maybe a walk from the Art Academy to the EKKM cafe could be the start of a new international friendship?

Pop-up cafe manager

We are looking for people who would like to run a pop-up cafe to offer some sweet and savoury snacks to the participants of the forum on the day of the event during the hours 10-16. Here is your chance to realise your long-time dream of your very own pancake place!


Events are always full of planned and unplanned moving around. We are looking for a person with a driver’s license who would help move people and things around Tallinn city center on the weekend of the forum (1-3 Nov). Having a car is a bonus, but we can always find a car to borrow if you are up for it. 

Marketing assistant

We are looking for people who would help with the marketing of the event (creating a simple website, managing the website, distributing the print materials, posting on social media).

If any of the listed activities have inspired you, then write to nele@feministeerium.ee and come to the volunteers’ meeting. We will meet on 14 August at 18.00 at the Feministeerium office (Telliskivi 60a/3 building, 4th floor). You can find directions here.