Help to kickstart The Tallinn Feminist Forum

You can support Estonia’s first-ever feminist forum on Hooandja crowdfunding platform. The forum is a meeting place for equal rights supporters from Estonia and neighbouring countries to discuss together how to create a sustainable and caring social movement and build the society we ourselves want to live in.

Society won’t become more just on its own. Discriminatory and repressive practices do not just disappear. Rights are rarely “given”, rather they are demanded — whether it is women’s right to vote, the right to go to university, a ban on racist discrimination, or the rights of the LGBT+ community. Behind every relevant social justice change, there have been people who have pursued and mobilised for it to happen.

The topic of 2019 is “Movement“, because faced with right-wing extremist politics and authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, the importance of feminist community movements and joint resistance has never been more urgent.

What does a feminist movement mean? What obstacles can stand in the way of these movements? How to be considerate with each other and how to take care of ourselves? How can different groups cooperate? These are the questions we want to ask in the workshops, lectures, and discussions. Participation is free of charge.

 Your support will help cover the costs related to speakers and instructors who are bringing in new perspectives and thoughts that would empower active social movements. The forum is organised every two years by the collective behind online magazine Feministeerium with the help of brave volunteers. See this year’s programme.

 Support the forum here (donation by credit card is possible).